Analyzer 2.5 is out there: it fixes the SPL measurement and graphic issues caused by iOS 8. That’s why it’s iOS 8 only! 

Analyzer 2.4 is available: it supports Audiobus 2.x with state saving, Inter-App-Audio and is optimised for 64bit performance! And we offer another frequency response compensation: for the Edutige EIM-003 (available as IAP)

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We are happy to cooperate with Sound-link ProAudio: 


Analyzer 2.3.6 is available now and finally everythings works fine again with iPad1 / iOS 5.1.1!

This time we are sure to have eliminated the problem: Analyzer 2.3.6 is in review at iTunes and will work again with iPad1 / iOS 5.1.1! It will be available in a few days!

There’s a problem since Analyzer 2.3.3 (2.3.4 & 2.3.5. as well): it crashes on iOS 5.1.1! We are working really hard to find the error, we thought we had it already but if downloaded from iTunes the App still refuses to work. We apologise for the trouble and keep you informed!

Analyzer 2.2.2 is in the Store: we fixed the fullscreen bug successfully – and you can store and load your settings!

Analyzer 2.1 is out there: 

We added a new feature: measurement range allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the input signal. And the Analyzer now offers another language: RUSSIAN! And the best: you can switch languages in the App without changing global settings!

Mitch Gallagher from Sweetwater made a great video about Analyzer and Mic-W i436!

Analyzer 2.0.6 passed the review and is available now at the iTunes Store. We adjusted the generator output levels, fixed a bug which could cause crashes on some iPad4 and iPad mini models and we put in a new settings option for the band filter:  you can choose now between summed and average bandfilter mode!


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Analyzer v2.0.4 is available  - though there’s the disadvantage of the built-in lowcut we made it work again on iOS5. 

Analyzer 2.0.1 available in the App Store: we added automatic peak detection and equal loudness contours as options!

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There’s big (and very good) news: since iOS 6 Apple allows us to use the the built-in mic input without the heavy lowcut! We are working very hard on a totally new Analyzer version which will of course take advantage of this. Hopefully it will be available in a few weeks. Some of the amazing new features will be:

- full support of iPhone 5

- up to 10 snapshots with option for save and export

- real pinch zoom in frequency view 

We will keep you informed – on facebook, twitter or on this site!

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After the longest review process we ever experienced: Loudness is finally available on the App Store! With Loudness on your iPad and an external USB class compliant audio hardware you can measure Loudness, True Peak and Loudness Range according to EBU R128 and ITU 1770-2! Check it out:


The Analyzer (since v1.4) offers now a built-in white/pink noise generator!

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Soon available on  the App Store: Loudness, an App which measures Loudness, Loudness Range and true Peak Level accroding to EBU R128 and ITU 1771! 



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Analyzer 1.3.1 & Spectrograph 1.1.1 are now available on the App Store! In those updates we fixed the following issue: on some iPads the built-in mic compensation could be bought but not be activated – this problem should be solved by now!


Now available on the App Store: our new App - the Spectrograph for iPad and iPhone! It creates spectrograms and provides really amazing features and graphics!


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The Analyzer has an exciting new feature: Leq measurement now available (since Analyzer v1.2)!

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Now available on the App Store: the Beat Detector, a beat detection app based on our audio analysis framework. No tapping, precise results and even a good estimate of the meter (3rd or 4th)!

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Soon available as universal app for iPhone & iPad!

The Analyzer offers now frequency response compensations for the MicW i-series microphones i436, i456 and i266!

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Now available: Analyzer v1.1 with frequency response compensation curves for  the built-in and selected external microphones!

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Finally available on the App Store: dB Volume+, the SPL Meter with amazing facebook connectivity: post noise levels, photos, your geodata and comments!

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Check out dB Volume – a Sound Pressure Level Meter for iPhone and iPod touch with facebook integration – it’s for free!

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Now available on the App Store: the Analyzer – a combination of SPL Meter and multiband analyzer with amazing features!



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